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The Peachtree Audio Nova 150 Integrated Amplifier $1599

Peachtree introduced an amplifier in 2007 that allowed you to hookup, via USB to your computer and play music files into the built-in DAC and listen to music. This was the birth of "computer audio." A hard drive (which was built into the computer) with a DAC is general described these days a a "music server." These days, especially with Hi Resolution files, you get the ultimate ease of use and the highest sound quality.

Peachtree Audio was a great suceess, but now Peachtree has done a re-boot and calls itself Peachtree 2.0. New engineers and designers, a new precision electronics manufacturing facility in North America and new --- really old features added in, make Peachtree Audio one of the best values in high fidelity music reproduction today. s

Added back in is a phono preamp with RIAA equalization to allow hookup without an external preamp box of a high quality turntable. Vinyl is back and people are buying records again. Also added is DSD decoding. Well over a decade ago, Sony and Philips introduced a new high resolution CD called the Super Audio CD. The regular CD, introduced almost 34 years ago used a sampling rate of 44,1 kHz. There had been great progress in digital. To improve the sound the SACD used a sampling rate of 2.800,000 per second. It also used a different kind of digital called Direct Stream Digital or DSD. The SACD did not become a great sucess. But, the SACD has been reincarnated also. Now, music can be purchased in the ultra high resolution DSD format and the new Peachtree Nova 150 can play these files.

The Peachtree Audio Nova150 is rated 150 watts per channel. It uses digital amps with new technology very high sampling rates to significantly improve the sound quality. Reviews have appeared with this modestly priced amplifier driving $80,000 speakers with great clarity, power and finese. It is housed is a beautiful wooden cabinet.



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