SONY OLED 65 in $3499
The Sony 65 in 930E... our best selling TV, top rated by Consumer Reports. It uses a propriatary Slim Backlight Drive and Local Diming for a fantastic picture. $2499
Pioneer XCHM86 CD Receiver Combo. A Best Buy. Great sound, WiFi Bluetooth, color screen CD player. $499 BLACK FRIDAY FREE ELAC SPEAKERS
INTEGRA 40.7 STEREO RECEIVER. Rated a real 80 watts per channel. Turntable input. Wi-Fi, Blue tooth. Plays Hi resolution files. AM and FM. Was $550. Now $399. 3 year warranty
Special 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Pro-Ject Essential III. High quality turntable with low friction arm. Includes Ortofon cartridge. $499, now $399 with free vinyl copy of Sgt. Peppers.
The Amazing Como Audio Radio. Sounds like a stereo system. Bluetooth, Wifi 60 watts. Various Colors. Special on White Christmas models. New Model with CD Player coming. On Sale!
NEW AT ALTERMAN AUDIO... SVS. After critically listening to the various samples sent for evaluation, we were impressed. So are our customers, we just got them and they are selling really well. Prices start at $270 pair.
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Sony 4K $300 UHD Blu-Ray Player NOW $199
Sony made the first 4K TV in 2004
Sony made the first 1080 flat panel.
Sony made the first LED TV.
Sony made the first OLED TV.

      That was back in 2007.
      The "O" stands for Organic Light Emmitting Diode. It is a completely, in fact, 180 degree different type of television than LED. Only the name is similar.
      The LED TV is really a LCD TV or Liquid Crystal Display. Each of the tiny pixels, lets through a certain amount of light
red, green and blue creating your color picture.
     The OLED TV works just the opposite. Each tiny pixel creates light. When off, it is totally off. OLED TVs create deep, totally black high contrast pictures.
      Sony made a desktop OLED starting in 2007 for 3 years. Then moved on to larger flat panels. But, OLED technology is hard ot manufature, so Sony foused on the professional field. Sony commercial OLED monitors are used throughout the movie industry to color grade and edit
movies. Those monitors costs tens of thousands of dollars. Now, Sony has re-entered the consumer big screen flat panel business with OLED TVs.
     Sony OLEDs are a work of art, the panel skinnier your pinky finger. Sony's X1 Extreme processor is far more advanced and creates outstanding upsampled 4K and High Dynamic Range pictures.
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SONY Made OLED First

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