SONY XBR 900F is an LED 4K TV. But, instead of having the LEDs along the edge, the 900F has a FULL ARRAY backlight, which turns up or down the light output depending on the object on the screen. This is called Local Dimming. Sony's advanced X-1 Extreme processor upsamples object by object on the screen and has High Dynamic Range. Besides 65 and 75 inch prices shown here, the 49 in, 55 inch and even an 85 inch are all Sale priced.
ELAC is a 90 year old German Hi-Fi company, best known for making turntables back in the day. Since then, they have been offering audiophile grade speakers. A few years ago, renouned speaker engineer and designer, Andrew Jones, created the ultra affordable Debut line of speakers. The Debut speakers disruptive the speaker business because they sounded so good for so little money. Just introduced the 2nd generation improved model. ON SALE FOR HALF PRICE. Debut 6.2 Bookshelf for 6.5 in aramid fiber woofer and dome tweeter. Floor standing model Debut DF6.2 HALF PRICE $399 PAIR.
Alterman Audio has been seeking out and finding great audio products for decades. This Pioneer CD-Receiver stereo system is one of our best finds. It sound truly amazing for is low low price. Streaming music on your phone, send it Bluetooth this Pioneer and hear your music through some great speakers. But, with built-in Wi-Fi and built-in internet apps you can listen to internet music without your phone. It plays digital music files, including Hi-Res files by plugging in a thumb drive or hard drive. It can play music files from your computer... Wi-Fi. You see album covers and song on the 3.5 inch color screen. It has AM and FM and plays your CDs. Plug in a turntable, plug your TV or better sound. And your phone becomes a touch screen remote. All for $499.

Our Best Selling TV. The SONY XBR 900F
75 in $2799 was $3499
65 in $1599 was $2199

AUDIO-TECHNICA AT-LP3 TURNTABLE. Reg. $249. Vinyl is back. But, with new vinyl records selling for $30, and old records you can't replace... you don't to play those vinyl treasures on a cheap turntable, which we call "record grinders." This Audio-technica has a low mass, low friction counter balanced tonearm. It has a detachable headshell for easy stylus cleaning or upgrade. It has an eliptical stylus (not conical) to trace the record grooves. It has a built-in phono preamp in case your receiver doesn't. But, unlike most quality turntables this A-T is fully automatic, yet this a precision record playing device.
Pioneer just introduced this new AV surround sound receiver. It has NINE built-in amplifier channels. Each is rated an honest 100 watts of audio power of ther full audio range. The VSXLX103 can do Dolby Atmos with buying an additional amp. The LX103 can power speakers in your bedroom and separately power speakers outside on your patio, while watching a 5.1 movie in your den, and listen to different music
KLH was established in 1957 and under the leadership of Henry Kloss introduced some of the most innovative ideas in audio. Henry Kloss went on to made the first giant home projection TVs. KLH grew to be the largest speaker company. Big companies get sold, and KLH became the stepchild of one giant corporation after another. Now, one of the leading audio industry has bought all the patents and rights to KLH and reincarnated the brand. These KLH Albany use acoustic suspension Kevlar woofers, real wood veneer cabinets and have a 10 year warranty.
$478 PAIR

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Metairie, Louisiana

834 5400

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