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Sound Advice

Sound Advice ... a philsophy of selling, that really means teaching, educating ... explaining technology in easy to understand plain English

Sound Advice ... it isn't all about the equipment that matters, its your enjoyment of music and movies in your home

Sound Advice ... means honest recommendations based personal listening and comparisons of stereo (and home theater) components, analyzing magazine reviews, and most all, owning and enjoying the same recommended equipment, because we love what we sell

Sound Advice ... means Technical Support FOREVER. Not for 90 days, not for a year. Whether you have a question about hooking things up, running wires, internet music, interfacing with a product you didn't buy from Alterman Audio, etc, we will answer your question.

Sound Advice ... on what you need. Do you need a 55 inch or want a 65 or 75 inch TV ... that's a harder question. But, unlike other stores that are always selling up, we look at your room, we ask how you watch... and listen. We recommend choices, and explain the pros and cons of each.

Sound Advice ... on what brand to buy. It is all a matter of opinion. We have definitive recommendations and we explain those recommendations in detail. Over the decades we have been lucky enough to sell the brands we love.

Sound Advice ... includes where to put things. This is far more important than most people think. We ask people to send us photos of the four walls of their rooms. Sometimes we do a "walkthrough" to evaluate the installtion requierments.

Sound Advice ... Nobody has more experience, more know-how, more technical expertise than our Head of Installation.




Alterman Audio's new store at
3101 N Causeway Blvd Metairie (504) 834-5400
This was photoshopped in
Alterman Audio's first store 1973
All those wires gets complicated. Don't let a kid do it!
This is the real Muhammed Ali making TV Commercial for Alterman Audio
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Alterman Audio is Now On Causeway
3101 North Causeway Boulevard Suite C
Metairie next to Men's Wearhouse
Store Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 11 am to 6 pm
504 834-5400

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