Introducing the Golden Ear Technology Reference
A New Standard in Music Reproduction for the Home
     Since the announcement and presentation of Golden Ear's new Triton Reference at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas in January, people have been calling wanting to hear these fantastic loudspeakers. Owners of Tritons want to trade them in, and others just want to compare what they hear to what has been written abou them.
     I can say, right before I made it to the Golden Ear room at the CES, I listened to some speakers playing a CD I listen to all the time. I felt they lacked deep bass and clarity in the bass. That pair was $129,000.
     A few minutes later in the Golden Ear room I heard the Triton Reference. Bass was powerful and detailed, and reproduced far bass frequencies. This was verified by the Real Time Analyzer App on my phone.
    In 1972, Sandy Gross and Matt Polk started a speaker company called Polk Audio. Sandy left to pursue a career in Hollywood, making movies, but returned to Baltimore and started up a new speaker company called Definitive Technology.
     In 2004 Sandy sold Definitive. But, I guess its in his blood... and in 2010 created his third speaker company called Golden Ear Technology.
     While Polk and Definitive speakers received great reviews, they were never compared against ultra high end speakers. Sandy Gross has completely outdone himself. Review after review in magazines and on line critics around the world praise and offer unprecented accolades to Golden Ear speakers.
     Almost everyone who hears them buys
them if they can afford them. In the world of high end perfectionists audio they are down right cheap!
     Key to their excellence is a new type of tweeter called a Heil Air Motion Transformer. Instead of a small cone made of paper, cloth, or a lightweight meal, a folded pleated ultra thin plastic moves back and forth to reproduce high frequencies. High quality mid woofers reproduce bass and a built-in amp and oval woofers reproduce low bass. Each tower has a built-in subwoofer.

The Triton Two. $3500. HVFH tweeter, two 4.5 mid bass and two 5 by 9 inch racetrack woofers powered by 1200 watt amp. Hooked up.... please come and listen to these amazing speakers. Makes movies come alive.
The Triton One. $5000. HVFH tweeter and two 5 1/4 mid bass and three 5 by 9 racetrack woofers powered by 1600 watt amp. Loudspeaker of the Year. Come listen. Close your eyes and you will think the band or symphony right right there in front of you.
The NEW TRITON REFERENCE. $8500 PAIR. New improved HVFH tweeter with 50% stronger magnet. New bonded cone and 6 inch mid bass drivers. New 6 by 10 in racetrack woofers with stronger manets and 1800 watt amp with 56 bit DSP processing. They are set up and ready for you to audition. They are in stock and ready for you to take home... and hear music with unprecendented musical integrity... as if you are there.

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