Turntables are Back!    We have precision, affordable models from Pioneer, Pro-Ject, Sony and Denon. We can check out your old turntable too.
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These ELAC speakers are $229 a pair! Their build quality and purity of sound are blowing the minds of audio critics who are used to reviewing speakers that sell for thousands of dollars.
Nobody knows more about the new 4K Ultra High Definition Televisions. We can answer all your questions in easy to understand plain English... what the difference between a LED, LCD and OLED TV? What is High Dynamic Range or HDR. Where and how to do you get 4K TV programs? Give us 5 minutes and we will convince you Sony, more than ever is the best value and best picture you can buy! And just because we know what we are talking about doesn't mean you pay more!
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Golden Ear Technology has become our best selling speakers. Sandy Gross, back in 1974, co-founded Polk Audio with his friend Matthew Polk. Later, his second speaker company, Definitive Technology he grew in a giant mega company. He sold Definitive in 2004 and retired. But, he back, with Golden Ear Technology, perhaps the most highly reviewed high fidelity brand ever. Key to the wonderful musical sound quality is the special kind of tweeter called a High Velocity Folded Horn Tweeter. Instead a cone with a coil of wire called the voice coil, moving back and forth, ten, twenty or even thirty thousand times a second, a pleated and folded piece of plastic moves to re-create high frequency sounds. The clarity, detail, and voice reproduction is second to none. Combined and perfectly matched to mid woofer and powered sub woofers, these speakers let you close you eyes and you think the band or orchestra is right there in front of you.
       At the left is shown the floor standing tower Golden Ear Triton One, rated Loudspeaker of the Year by Stereophile magazine. They sell for $5000 a pair are compared with ultra high end audiophile perfectionists speakers that sell for $50,000 a pair.
       Below is the Golden Ear SuperSat3 system. Each satellite speaker is $250 using the same type of tweeter, their sound quality is outstanding. Yet, they are only 2 inches deep and 4 inches wide for easy mounting on your wall for outstanding movie surround sound . Come Listen!
Ultra high quality Como Audio Duetta Stereo Radio. This beautiful instrument is the latest brainchild of Tom Devesto. Tom has been involved in some of the most significant product introductions in audio video history. From the front television projector, (Kloss) to very high quality affordable speakers (Advent) and amazing radios (Cambridge Soundworks and Tivoli), Como Audio is his latest company. I have known Tom for decades and Alterman Audio is the first retail store to sell Como Audio. The Duetta allows you to wake up or fall asleep to true high fidelity stereo sound with 60 watts of power! You can listen to FM radio, Spotffy over the internet or plug in a USB drive loaded with High Resolution music. It has built-in WiFi and NFC Bluetooth. Stereo $399. Listen you be amazed!

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