Pioneer CD Receiver Combo
Pioneer CD and Receiver Combo unit with High Resolution Audio  

Compact Combo CD Network Receiver. Brand new from Pioneer is all in one unit destined to be quite popular. As more and more folks as looking for equipment for listening to music, instead multi speaker home theater. This unit is smaller than your typical av receiver, so its great for an office, dorm room, or even the kitchen.

Built-in CD Player. Everybody has a favorite CD. Stick it in and play. Music sounds better on CD than streamed on the internet. Hard buttons on the top panel makes super easy operation.

Line-In. You can even plug in a Pioneer turntable through Aux line input on the back. (Turntable needs to have a built-in preamp).

In. Plug the optical out of your TV and hear great sound. Also coax digital in. Ethernet connection

Color Display. See the album cover on the 3.5 inch color LCD display. Search music by Artists, Albums, Genra. See the name of the song playing. Select your music source from the screen. See radio stations, internet stations etc all on the color display. When playing music, the bit rate, sampling rate etc of the music files is shown.


AM and FM Stereo Tuner. Listen to your favorite talk radio or sports station. Listen to your favorite music too.

Built-in Wi-Fi. A dual antenna system allows you to easily connect to your Wi-Fi or plug in via ethernet. Wi-Fi is fast and sensitive and can handle Hi Resolution audio from a music server. Music services include Pandora, Spotify and TuneIn radio, which gets you radio stations around the world. Tidal and Deezer are new music streaming services with CD quality sound. Apple Airplay certified.

Built-in Bluetooth. You probably have music on your phone. Using Bluetooth, you can send the music into this Pioneer receiver and hear that music on full size speakers connected to this Pioneer.

Bass and Treble Adjustments. More and more audio products these days have no sound adjustments.This compact unit still includes bass and treble.

USB Drive Playback. You can plug in a thumb drive or hard drive with tons of music on it, and see the artists, album art etc on the color screen. Playback of High resolution audio up to 192k 24 bit files and DSD, Direct Stream Digital are perfectly decoded and played back. Front and rear USB connections.

FireConnect Wireless. Developed by Blackfire Research allows sending audio from bluetooth, front USB files and internet radio to different rooms in your house. Other Pioneer receivers or new compatible powered speakers allows music around your house.

Volume Control. Need to adjust the volume. No need to squint and in find an up or down button. A large, easy to use volume control lets to you adjust the volume, old school.

Timer. Wake up to music, with two timers and go to sleep to music.

Powerful Digital Amplifier. Pioneer has been using digital, Class D, amplifier circuitry in their av receivers for years. It allows less power supply requirements, smaller heat sinks. Rated power is 65 watts per channel. This is enough to drive full size floor standing speakers to very loud levels with very high quality sound.

Headphone Jack. Built-in dedicated headphone amplifier, cuts off other circuits when headphones are connected. It is designed for high performance listening and low noise.

Size: 11.4 in w 13.1 deep 3.9 tall

New Pioneer CD-Receiver Combo with Hi Resolution Music and Wi-Fi $499