New Pioneer VSXLX301 AV Receiver
New Pioneer Elite AV Receiver with 100 wattsx 9 and FireConnect and Google Chromecast $799
BACK: Turntable Phono input
NEW: FireConnect Wireless
INCLUDED: Built-in Blue tooth
Built-in Wi-Fi
Built-in Mic and Room EQ
Built-in DAC for HiRes music
INCLUDES: Dolby Atmos
Three zone operation
POWER: 100 watts x NINE
PRICE: $799

     Wow! This new Pioneer Elite is loaded!
     "Elite" is Pioneer's step-up line in the same way a Lexus is different from a regular Toyota or Acura vs. Honda. Elite has better parts, longer warranty, and more advanced audio features for those who care more about quality, than "bells and whistles" and price.
    NINE BUILT-IN AMPS FOR $799!!!! Audio Video surround sound receivers with nine built-in amps are not new. But, few offer 9 amps for less than $1500. This receiver is only $799 list price.
While there are 9 amp receivers, many will not power three zones. They are designed to power a 7.1 system in the den and a second zone. The third zone, (if they have it) is controlled, but not powered. Only preamp outputs to hook up an external extra amp are needed to power the third zone. The Pioneer Elite VSX-LX303 powers independently Zone 2 and Zone 3 with 100 watts x 2 for each zone, plus 100 watts x 5 for the main home theater.
You may have heard turntable and listening to vinyl records is coming back. Young people are buying vinyl. Late night TV host, hold up a 12 inch vinyl record, when they introduce a band, not a CD. There are those that always insisted that vinyl sounded better.
     Pioneer is showing its audio roots by being the first line of audio video receivers to bring back input for connection an old fashioned turntable. Yes, some more expensive models, still had phono inputs, but they are very few. This new VSX-LX301 (and its cheaper brother) now have phono input.
    Google Cast. This new Pioneer now has Google Cast, basically a home version of Chromecast. You can use your mobile device to control and send music into this receiver and out your speakers. You can control the audio from anywhere in your house.
     Internet Music. You can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or ethernet. Built-in to the receiver are Apps for Pandora, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Internet Radio and more. So, even though the receiver has Bluetooth, you don't need your phone to stream music from on line music sources. Plus, you can play music from your phone, streamed and sent Bluetooth or music actually on your phone.
     MCAA Room Tuning. Based on digital signal processing found in professional recording studios and in sound systems, Pioneer was the first to include Multi Channel Acoustic Calibration in home AV receivers. A mic is placed where you ears go, and test signals are sent out to each of the speakers and measurements made. The conputer inside the receiver compensates for size of speakers, distance, and various parameters to improve your listening.
    Dolby Atmos. In movies theaters now, as many as 64 speakers are used with numerous speakers in the ceiling of movie theaters. It is called Object Based positioning and uses enhanced computer technology to place objects in the 3D space of your listening room, not just based on the front and rear speakers. DTS-X is also included.
    FireConnect. Plug your turntable in and listen to it in any room. Anything plugged into the LX301 can be "transmitted" to any room in the house. You have to have a FireConnect receiver-amp-speaker in the other room.
    Hard Drive Music. Buy a song on iTunes and it goes on your computer hard drive. Stick a CD into your computer and it is copied to your hard drive. Buy a High resolution copy of an album and it goes onto your computer hard drive.
     Copy that music on to a thumb drive and plug it into the USB port on the front of your receiver and it plays the music. You see the songs on your TV.
     But, buy a song from iTunes and it is NOT CD quality. You can copy your song into iTunes in CD quality, depending on your import settings. But, Hi Res music can have far more digital data and therefore sound better. The Pioneer plays it.
     That includes 192k 24 bit Hi Resolution files and even DSD... Direct Stream Digital ultra Hi Res from the Super Audio CD format. It's sampling rate is 2,822,000 samples per second (compare to 44,100 on the CD). And Pioneer plays it.
     Copy all this music from your computers hard drive, put it on an NAS drive in your closet. Get a free App like MConnect and you can play all this music in ultra Hi Resolution through the Pioneer from anyroom in the house.

Built-in NINE 100 watt amplifiers
8 HDMI inputs all with HCP 2.2 4K Full Bit Rate
HDMI 2.0a for new extended range video 4:4:4 color
4K video upscaling
Dual HDMI outputs
Analog RCA preamp subwoofer output .2 channels
Dolby Atmos with 5.1 listener level and 2 overhead
Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio HD
MCAA room eq and correction system
On screen Easy Set Up assistant
USB port for thumb and NAS drives
Android and iOS App for touch screen remote
Plays PCM files to 192k 24 bit
Plays DSD files Direct Stream Digital
DTS:X with over head speakers via Firmware upgrade
DNLA ability and Mac iOS iPhone, iPad, iPod
Plays virtually all digital audio files including 192k 24 bit including DSD and double DSD
Two zone operation with speaker level and preamp out

Pioneer VSX-LX103 $499
Rated 80 watts x 7 20-20kHz
Zone 2
IPhono input
Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 or 5.1.4 9 ch proc