Marantz AV Surround Receiver HCP2.2
New Marantz AV Surround Receiver with Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi  Preamp Outputs

    Saul Marantz built his first product in a basement in 1953. Before the days of stereo and in the 1960s Marantz components were considered among the best audio products made. Today, that heritage continues. Marantz doesn’t must make some of finest home theater receivers, but also a line of Reference stereo components.
    The HDAM. While other companies talk about extra feet, or aluminum front panels, or the type of digital chips, Marantz goes several steps beyond. The Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Module was something developed for the Marantz Reference Series. The Reference Series has price no object, state of the art, preamps and amps designed for the most accurate music sound reproduction. It uses a Current Feedback design and Marantz says the HDAM improves the slew rate. Wow! Slew rate is a measurement of how fast an amplifier is. It is talked about in ultra expensive amps, but not receivers. Marantz cares about sound quality!
    The HDAMs used in the new SR series receivers is 6 times faster than the previous models. How fast the audio signal travels through an amplifier is critical the musical realism the amplifier re-creates. All parts are critically selected for the highest sound quality, yet the SR series AV receivers are very competitive priced.
    Dolby Atmos. New to movie theaters and new to Home Theater. Dolby Atmos creates an overhead soundfield that is interlocked with the listener level soundfield. Instead of being channel-speaker based, Dolby Atmos is called a “object based’ surround sound system. It allows the sound designer to create a far more precise localization of the sounds... airplanes overhead, bullets flying around etc.

HCP Copy Protection. The new thing in TV is 4K. The current HD picture has 2 million pixels. New 4K, or Ultra High Definition has 8.3 million pixels per video frame. 4K TVs are really selling.
While a 4K TV upsamples and sharpens existing HD, and there are some movies you can watch streamed over the internet, the real uncompressed 4K will arrive in a few months via a new Blu-ray player that plays 4K movies. Up to now, if you plug a new 4K Blu-ray into a receiver it won’t send the picture through. You need HCP 2.2 copy protection. The new Marantzs have it.
    Preamp output 7.2 Again, Marantz means audio. The SR-5010 is one of only a few AV receivers that still includes preamp outputs... for all channels. Marantz makes a matching power amp. Separates are better. A dedicated power amp can deliver more current and more wattage to drive your speakers louder and make them sound better.
    Built-in Bluetooth. You probably have music on your phone. You can play it through you home this Marantz and home speakers wirelessly.
    Built-in Wi-Fi. These days a receiver hooks up to the internet. You can get internet radio stations, Pandora, Spotify and other internet programming. You can put an App on your phone which becomes a very cool touch screen remote. This works via the LAN network in your home. Music on your computer can also play through your receiver. It is DNLA compliant along with Apple Airplay.
    Previously, you needed to plug in an ethernet cable to do all this. But, most people do not have ethernet connections where they place their av equipment. Now, it hooks up wirelessly.
    Hi-Res. Today, you can buy music albums as digital files, not CDs, which offer higher sampling rates, and therefore better sound. These files in PCM sampling rates up to 192kHz 24 bit and DSD, Direct Stream Digital, the ultimate HiRes music format can be played on this Marantz receiver.

Built-in seven 100 watt amplifiers
8 HDMI inputs all with HCP 2.2 4K Full Bit Rate
HDMI 2.0a for new extended range video 4:4:4 color
4K video upscaling
Dual HDMI outputs
Analog RCA preamp outputs 7.2 channels
Dolby Atmos with 5.1 listener level and 2 overhead
Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio HD
Audyssey MultiEQ XT room eq and correction system
Audyssey allows 8 room positions Silver Rated
On screen Easy Set Up assistant
USB port for thumb and NAS drives
Android and iOS App for touch screen remote
Plays PCM files to 192k 24 bit
Plays DSD files Direct Stream Digital
DTS:X with over head speakers via Firmware upgrade
DNLA ability and Mac iOS iPhone, iPad, iPod
Plays virtually all digital audio files including 192k 24 bit including DSD and double DSD
Two zone operation with speaker level and preamp out

Marantz SR-6010 $1399
Rated 110 watts x 7 20-20kHz
Zone 2 operation with HDMI out
ISF Certified
Control 4
Dolby Atmos 7.1.2 or 5.1.4 9 ch proc
Audyssey Platinum with Sub EQ HT

Marantz SR-7010 $2199
Rated 125 watts x 9 20-20kHz
9 built-in amps
Zone 2 operation with HDMI out
Zone 3 preamp output
ISF Certified
Control 4
Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 11 channel processing