The Amazing Golden Ear Technology Tritron Two Floor Standing Loudspeaker

High Velocity Folded Ribbon Tweeter

High quality cast basket mid 4.5 in woofers

Multi-vaned phase plug

Racetrack oval powered subwoofer

Two 9 inch by 5 inch quadrattic woofers

Two 10 inch by 7 inch planar bass radiators

1200 watt built-in subwoofer amp

"Petitie Tower" cosmetic design

spacThe art of high fidelity stereo sound reproduction. It combines physics, liquid dynamics, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and musical creation.
spacThomas Edision himself inspired the  concept of  high fidelity, the goal to accurately record and reproduce the lifelike musical sounds of an entire orchestra. That inspiration created multiple generations of engineers and music lovers to design and manufacture equipment to allow the enjoyment of music so nothing is added or subtracted from the original sound.
spacSandy Gross is one of those people. He and some friends started a speaker company in 1973 name Polk, after his friend that knew the most engineering. He left Polk to pursue a career in Hollywood, only to return to the speaker business creating a new company called Definitive Technology. Def Tech went on to be ultra succesfull and he sold to a big electronics company. He stayed on a few years, only to retire. But, there are those with a passion for what they do, and have that  desire to make a better mouse trap.
spacImagine. A drummer strikes a cymbal, a piece of metal that vibrates and creates a "metallic tingle." What about a triangle. These instruments are producing sound at frequencies of ten thousand, twenty, or even thirty thousands cycles per second or hertz. Regular tweeters don't move fast enough.

spacIn order to move back and forth twenty thousand times per second an object must be lightweight, low in inertia and well controlled. Speaker engineers use  exotic  materials... aluminum, beryliuem electrostatic designs etc.
spacThe Real Difference is in the Tweeter. The Triton Two uses a special technology high velocity ribbon tweeter, that reproduces high frequencies with amazing accuracy This high technology tweeter uses a plastic diaphragm which is a hundred times lighter than a conventional tweeter. It has a pleated design and is said to "spit" the sound out like you might spit watermellon pits out of your mouth. This tweeter also has a far larger radiating surface than a typical 1 inch dome tweeter, yet is still far  lighter, with less inertia which means it can move back and forth far faster. The bottom line, cymbals and triangles sound like pieces of metal vibrating where most speakers, even very expensive speakers, sound like speakers reproducing those metallic sounds.
spacCast Basket Woofers. If the tweeter is ultra fast, then the woofers must match up. The sound must be blended. But, the woofers don't go back and forth as many times, so they can be heavier. In fact, they have to be bigger to push more air for lower frequencies. To insure proper cone
movement, Golden Ear uses cast basket frames with high Gauss magnetic assembly.

acThe Powered Subwoofer. Sandy Gross made the first speaker with a built-in powered subwoofer. Now, the Triton Two is one of the best. In fact. when listening and Adell's finished singing and the bass drums kick in, you will look up and wonder where is all that bass coming from. In the Aviator, when Leonardo says "contact", and the propeller spins and the engine starts, you will swear the plane is in the room.
spacThe Subwoofer.
This bass reproduction is created by two 9 inch by 5 inch racetrack shapped woofers. These use a long throw design that enables them to move great distances and push a lot of air. These are coupled to 10 inch by 7 inch planar pressure bass radiators.
These are driven by a 1200 watt Forcefield DSP power amp. It has direct connection to the built in electronics  crossover or LFE (low frequency effects) RCA line input from subwoofer output of your preamp processor or receiver. There are adjustments for level, phase and crossover frequency.

Front of tower: 5 1/4 inches.
Rear of tower 7 1/4 inches
48 inch tall no spikes
Base: 7 12 in by 15 inches
Weight 60 lbs Shipping 74 lbs