The World's First iMAX Certified AV Receiver.... The Denon AVRX6500 with 11 Built-in Amplifiers.
Introducing iMax Certification.
     Introduced at the CEDIA Show in September 2018, iMax, in conjunction with DTS have introduced a new audio video standard. There will be Blu-ray movie discs mastered in the new standard and new (only large screen) TVs certified to meet iMax and DTS multi-channel surround sound standards.
      The Denon AVRX6500 is loaded. It has no less than 8 HDMI inputs. All support the highest 4K resolutions and sound ability. That includes Dolby Vision HDR (High Dynamic Range) It processes the full Dolby Atmos 11.2 configuration which uses 7 ear level speakers and 4 in ceiling Atmos speakers.
     It features the new iMax Enhanced Standard.
     Power is rated 140 watts, over the full audio range 20 to 20kHz for 0.08% THD. Each amp ... and there's 11 of them. There is a power rating war going on, these specs are for 8 ohms, not 4 ohms and ultra low distortion over the full range of human hearing. Big box stores want bigger wattage numbers so manufacturers have gotten away from RMS full range ratings. Please compare apples and apples.
     You can talk to it. It has HEOS built-in and it understands Alexa commands, and more verbal skills will be added. It also works with Google Home Assitant and smart TVs.
      Domotz Pro ihiji and remote monitoring allow professional installers to check settings, change setting etc via the internet. So, if you run into a problem the installer might be able to fix it without coming to your house.
     We mentioned Alexa voice control. This Denon also works with Apple Siri and Josh Ai.
     This is 3 zone receiver. Plus with Denon HEOS, you can add many other rooms around the house.
      With the re-birth and comeback of folks listening to vinyl records again, Denon has added back in a phono eq preamp circuit. This allows direct connection of a turntable without a built-in preamp. That means better turntables.