Denon AV Receiver AVRX3200
New Denon AV Home  Theater Receiver AVRX2200W with Built-In Bluetooth  and Wi-Fi
hjaAs It has come to pass, that an internet connection is needed in a home theater receiver to receive remote commands from your phone, stream music from your computer, or to get internet radio. Yet, almost all AV receivers required a wired and plugged ethernet connection to do all this. Most homes do not have ethernet connections where av components are installed. Now Denon adds built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
Denon Amps. This receiver has seven high quality 95 watt amps. These are very dynamic, great sounding amps. Denon uses discrete output transistors instead of the power ICs. These amps are designed for hard to drive low impedance load. It is important to note rated   power is 95 watts, over the full audio range, 20-20kHz with 0.08% THD, 2 channels driven. Many AV receiver brands rate power at 1 kHz and 1.0% distortion, which can give a 50% larger wattage rating
Dolby Atmos. Dolby Most movie theaters don’t have Dolby Atmos yet, but this new Denon allows you to bring this new “Object Based” surround sound into you living room.

NEW HDMI 2.0a This receiver will let you hook up a new Ultra HD Blu-Ray player, when they come out and thanks to HDCP 2.2 copy protection technology, pass the signal through to your new 4K TV. Last year’s model couldn’t do that!
HIRes Audio. Plug in a thumb drive or hard drive into the front panel USB input. See your music on your TV screen. Select and play your music. Not compressed MP3s, but better than 44.1 kHz 16 bit CD quality, even DSD. High Resolution music in PCM format 192k 24 bit or new DSD ultra high resolution DSD... Direct Stream Digital, the format from the Super Audio CD with 2,822,000 samples per second is playable on this new Denon. There are  hundreds of DSD albums available to purchase.
Audyssey MultiEQ XT Silver Processing. Speakers in rooms effect your sound. Denon uses advanced Audyssey sound processing to adjust the room acoustics to your speakers. A microphone is included to read the test signals from your speakers, where they are in your room and make digital adjustments. Actually, you can use 8 mic placements. Then you can manual adjust them to your own taste. Plus, Audyssey Dynamic Volume maintains equal volume as you change stations and the volume changes.
Dual HDMI Outputs. version 2.0 passthrough for 4K with parallel now with HCP 2.2 copy protection.
Analog to Digital HDMI 4K. Connect your old VCR, your camcorder up to the standard yellow video input, and this Denon sends the digital signal out via HDMI. A high quality Audio Devices chips upscales the standard definition to HD. You only have to hookup one HDMI cable to your TV, and let the Denon be your control
Component Video Input. Includes older style green-red-blue two component video inputs to hook older video units, then upscales them to HDMI output with one output

The Internet. Hook up an ethernet cable, or a use a wireless adaptor, and this Denon is an internet controller. You can access Pandora, SiriusXM Spotify, Flickr . There is Mac or PC streaming with Apple's new Airplay. Using the web you can use your PC for setup. There's a web browser with album art. And you can control various zones with other Denon devices on the network. And Control 4 and RS232 compatible.
Listen to Music on Your Phone Wirelessly. With built-in Bluetooth, music from your phone can be played without a wired hookup through this Denon and your high quality speakers. Also has front panel USB input for direct wired hookup.
Multi-source Multi zone. Power amp assign allows you to listen to a 5.1 movie in the den, and simultaneously, without any other amps, listen to different audio on your patio, or bedroom, whatever your second zone it that you set up.

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Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
HCP 2.2 4K Copy Protection
95 watts x 7 7.2 channel
Dolby Atmos
Networking for internet and digital music files with Apple Airplay
Audyssey MultiEQ
Two HDMI outs, 2 subwoofer out