Denon's New $1000 7.2 Receiver
     So, just what do you get for a $1000 from one of the most famous, world wide brands of audio video receiver. A lot.
     You can now talk to it. Alexa Voice Control is now built-in. While the commands are limited, more voice commands will be added as time goes on.
      Built-in is the HEOS Denon wireless system. It can connect to other HEOS speakers or Amp links around the home. New this year, or should we say, "they're back," phono eq section. Turntables are making a comeback, but most av receivers no longer allow direct plug in of a turntable.
     Rated power is 100 watts x 7. This is a two zone receiver that allows a 5.1 system to be powered in your den, while simultaneously, with no extra amps, drive a pair of speakers outside on your patio or in your bedroom... wired. But, you can also do HEOS in other rooms too.
     Dolby Atmos is a system that adds height speakers to create an even more "you are there" sonic experience from your movie. This requires speakers in the ceiling, or "Atmos enabled," add-on speakers that aim the sound toward the ceiling. Of course if you do Dolby Atmos you use all your amp channels and cannot do two zones. Many say to do Dolby Atmos you should have 5.2.4, which means five ear level speakers ... front pair, rear pair, center ... two subs, and four speakers in the ceiling for height. This receiver only has 7 amps, so an extra amp is needed. But, you can power a 5.2.2 system with no exra amps.
      There are 8 HDMI inputs, all 4K HDR pass through enabled. Built-in Wi-Fi, built-in Bluetooth, USB inputs that will play High resolution music files up to 192k 24bit, including DSD Super CD files, plus it can do this via Wi-Fi. There's a Denon App that becomes a touchscreen remote. Plus regular hard button remote.
      The AVRX3500 weighs in at just under 24 pounds. It's standard 17 inches wide, 6.57 inches tall and 16.4 inches deep.